What is a Silent Disco?

A Silent Disco is an event where everyone that attends wears wireless headphones
to listen to music.

Unlike at a regular music event no sound is amplified into the room by speakers but instead music is broadcast via radio transmitters that the participants can then tune into using their own headset.

Our Silent Disco is capable of transmitting
3 Channels of Music
so at any one time guests at our events can select from 3 seperate mixes transmitted by our Silent Disco DJ(s).

There is a switch on each headset that allows the user to manually select which of the three channels they wish to listen to at any point in the night and there is a volume control so each person can select however loud they would like the music.

Our headsets also change colour
Red, Green or Blue
depending on the channel selected. Because of this you can tell which of the three channels your friends and family are listening to at any time. This enables you to dance and sing to the same songs together or indeed you can just do your own thing!

***Picture The Scene***

At any one moment in time the choice could be:

“Disco Inferno”
“Rhythm Is A Dancer”
“Mr Brightside”

(what channel would you choose?)

This results in a dancefloor a wash of different colours and packed with a variety of outrageous dance moves and guests singing their hearts out. Equally as enjoyable to dance & sing with others as it is to step back, remove your headset and watch the fascinating scene taking place on the floor… absolutely priceless!

***HYW Wedding Party Footage***

5 Star Feedback...

This was fantastic - never seen everyone on the floor before at the end of the night shouting one more song!!

Fab night Kyle and Maria xxx

Ann McBride

We were at a brilliant wedding last night in Fife and Haud yer Wheesht Silent Disco were there.

If you have a wedding / family celebration / special birthday etc coming up, please consider this for part of the night! You won’t regret it. It was a brilliant night. Everyone had a great time and loved it.

You couldn’t help but sing, dance, laugh and PARTAAY!

Nicky Payne

We first heard of Haud Yer Wheesht at my best friends wedding – Kyle, what can I say – BEST NIGHT EVER!!!

I have never seen a dance floor that busy for that length of time! My mum and dad don’t normally get up for a dance however they barely sat down!

Fab night and will be sure to attend another one in the future.

Cannot recommend highly enough x

Jenni Hasty

Kyle did a silent disco for the family at dads wedding… absolutely fantastic!!

If your initial thoughts are a bit unsure of a silent disco you really must give it a go. I was the same and it really was a brilliant and fun experience, a laugh a minute. Crackin night!

Donna Henderson

Can't recommend these guys enough. Had Kyle and Maria come along and do a set at our wedding at Orocco pier and everyone just thought it was brilliant.

We kept it as a surprise so was great seeing everyone's reactions when it started. Love how they have 3 channels so it's funny watching one person dancing away to something like Steps and another to Bits and Pieces.

Anyone looking for something different for their wedding then these are your guys. Thanks again and hope to be at one of your events soon.

Demi Gamba

What a brilliant idea !!!

Had a fabulous evening. So many different tunes to dance to. Danced for hours.

Joyce Reid

Well I think the best way to start this review is by saying I was not looking forward to last night because I'm not a fan of the dance floor. However I went along for the ride for my partner who promised I'd love it and LOVE it I DID! I didn't leave the dance floor all night.

For whatever reason, I had no worry what so ever about anything else that was going on around me. Lol Just me and the beats and my Happy Feet! Definitely get to these events.

Thank you to all at Haud Yer Wheesht

Paul Martin


I absolutely loved it!! Once you put those headphones on you are literally dancing for four hours straight!! What a night!!!!

Leanne Sweaton

These guys were at my friends wedding last night.

Absolutely brilliant, they had the whole hall on the dance floor.

Highly recommend. Excellent

Richy Curran

What an experience. Kyle, Maria and the team made sure everyone had a great night.

If you've not been to this then get yourself along ... a fantastic night guaranteed.

Lesley Harper

What a fantastic night! Great variety of music and something for everyone to enjoy.

Good fun changing between the channels to see what everyone else is listening and dancing to. Extra wee giggle taking the headphones off to hear everyone singing along!!

Well done Kyle and crew.. Had a brilliant time. Can't wait for the next one!xx

Sharon Bruce

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