What is a Silent Disco?

A Silent Disco is an event where everyone that attends wears wireless headphones
to listen to music.

Our Silent Disco is capable of transmitting
3 Channels of Music

so at any time guests can select from 3 genres mixed by our DJ.
Most commonly (at adult events) we mix 60s,70s,80 classics on one channel, 90s cheese and old skool on another and on the third anthems from the 2000s to current chart music.
This makes for a great balance to keep all ages partying hard together.

Our headsets change colour
Red, Green, Blue

depending on what channel is being listened to. So at a glance you know if you are on the same channel as your friends or family. 

Guests can flick between the three channels as often as they like using a switch on the headset and they are also in control of their own volume.

Picture the scene...
At any one moment the choice could be:

“ABBA Megamix”

“TTF – New Emotion”

“Killers – Mr Brightside”

What channel would you choose?

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